This 69-Year-Old Woman Hasn’t Used Money For 15 Years And Is Happy

Updated on 30 Aug, 2018 at 2:44 pm


Ever heard anyone in this money-hungry-world giving up using money and living a good, normal and happy life never less than anyone? Here is one such human who gave up using money 15 years ago and says she’s been much happier ever since. Read on to know how actually she’s living a life without money.

Heidemarie Schwermer, now a 69-year-old woman from Germany, left her troubled marriage and relocated to another city where she noticed large population of homeless people in the town.

Shocked at seeing the homeless, Heidemarie decided to do something about it and she opened a Tauschring (swap shop), called “Gib und Nimm” (Give and Take).

Give and Take became a place where anyone could trade stuff and skills for other things and skills they needed, without a single coin or banknote exchanged.

Heidemarie realized that she was living with a lot of stuff she didn’t really need.

Such recognition compelled her to decide not to buy anything else without first giving something away.

Stuff not needed

Unhappy with her work, she began washing dishes for 10 Deutchmarks an hour.

She received University-level education but feels that her studies does not make her superior to someone working in a kitchen.

And one day she made a bold decision – to live without money.

15 years later Heidemarie still lives according to the principles of Give and Take.

Heidemarie also gave away the money she earned from writing two books about her experience to charity.

And she doesn’t even have health insurance as she didn’t want to be accused of stealing from the state!

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