12 Stars You Ignored In 90s Music Videos, Only To Become Their Fan Later

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7:30 pm 21 Jan, 2016

We love them now– established and glamorous, making waves with every new movie release. But every one has days of struggle. Drown yourself in nostalgia as you remember how you ignored them on your TV screens long before you applauded them on the big screen.


1. John Abraham

The sexy 2000 Gladrags model and the handsome hunk, John Abraham, appearing in a Pankaj Udhas video might sound awkward, but it’s true.


2. Vidya Balan

Not only did Vidya Balan star as the nerdy sister in ‘Hum Paanch’, but also did quite a few pop music videos. She looks so fresh with Palash Sen in this video!


3. Bipasha Basu

The ‘Raaz’ actress appeared in Sonu Nigam’s super-famous and catchy 90s song Tu. Of course, we never noticed it before.


4. Nimrat Kaur

‘Homeland’ and ‘Lunchbox’ made Nimrat Kaur everyone’s favorite. However, she seems to have had come quite a long way to get where she is. Don’t miss out on how gorgeous she’s looking here!


5. Sameera Reddy

She may have abandoned the Bollywood scene years ago, but her first stint in Pankaj Udhas’ video as a naive Indian girl seems quite opposite to the sultry roles she portrayed later.


6. Chitrangada Singh

There’s no doubt about how hot this actress is, but this video makes me reconsider my choice of adjective. She looks so beautiful here!


7. Deepika Padukone

The reigning queen of Bollywood had quite an amazing début with Shahrukh Khan in ‘Om Shanti Om’. But who brought her to Farah’s attention? Himesh singing to ‘Naam hai tera tera’.


8.  Mallika Sherawat

We would have never expected Mallika Sherawat, who made her début in Bollywood’s first erotic-thriller, ‘Murder’, to have starred in this Punjabi video.


9. Riya Sen

This all-time dandiya favourite screams all things pink and girly. Riya Sen’s cute ponytail look fits the bill perfectly!


10. Ayesha Takia

While she still looks adorable with a baby in her arms, she starred in Falguni Pathak’s fairytale music video.


11. Shahid Kapoor

Shahid may have finally found the love of his life, it seems like he’s been chasing girls for quite some time now!


12. Lara Dutta

Having won the Miss Universe crown in 2000, what could have made Lara star in this ‘Tapori’ video in 2001?


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