You’ll Be Surprised To See How Much This South Indian Actress Looks Like Deepika Padukone!

4:31 pm 11 Jun, 2018


Are you familiar with the belief that there are multiple people on this earth who have strikingly similar faces? If you aren’t familiar with the concept or believe that it isn’t true, read on. And if you believe that it is true, then you’ll definitely like what we have to say. You must have seen the look alikes of actors performing at comic shows or local events, right? But how often do we see a close double of an actress? Quite rarely we’d say! What if we tell you that  there’s a South Indian actress who looks, surprisingly, a lot like our very own Deepika Padukone?

Deepika Padukone is one of the top rated actresses in Bollywood today. Her acting skills has earned her a huge fan following all over the world. The 32-year-old actress’s latest movie, Padmaavat was a huge hit.

Here are a few pictures of the stunning actress:


The actress at an award ceremony. Source




The actress posing for a photoshoot. Source


Take a look at the pictures Again!


Two out of the five pictures are not of Deepika Padukone. Yes, picture three and five are not of Deepika’s. In fact, they are of the South Indian actress Amala Paul who bears a striking resemblance to Deepika Padukone. Jealous?! One ought to be!

Amala Paul, born on October 26, 1991, in Aluva region of Kerala, India, has an uncanny resemblance to Padukone. Amala, a known face in South, has been working in the South Indian film industry since 2009. Some of her noted works include movies like ‘Mynaa’ and ‘Neelathamara’ in Malayalam, and the Tamil film ‘Veerasekaran’.

Have a look at a post Amala made, where she looks just like the B-town actress.


Still can’t believe how similar they look? Here are a few more pictures that show how evident the resemblance between Deepika Padukone and Amala Paul really is:


Who’s whom, right!


They say sometimes pictures speak louder than words! Well, these pictures do speak volumes about our two actresses and their similarities. What do you think?