A Study In Stupidity: Star Kids And The Bubble They Live In

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10:00 am 25 May, 2016

I’ve always made it a point to stay as far away from tinsel town and its truly bizarre denizens as I possibly can. Except that it’s impossible to be conscious (as in, not comatose) in India and not be bombarded with information about celebrities everywhere you turn.

We keep hearing about some star kid or other talking about their “experience of Bollywood”. It pisses me off so much to hear them talk about their struggles and such like. They’re star kids for fuck’s sake! What possible struggle could they have faced really?!! I mean, even that talentless hack Tusshar Kapoor gets movies, doesn’t he?!!

These ingrates don’t even have the grace to acknowledge why they get movie scripts served to them on a silver platter while hundreds of struggling actors have to jump through unspeakable hoops trying to get a single line in a movie. Konkona Sen Sharma actually had the gall to say she would’ve been just as big a star had she not been Aparana Sen’s daughter. Yeah, right!

Not a week ago, Shraddha Kapoor was talking about how friendly the competition in Bollywood is and I was like, WTF?!!


She’s Shakti Kapoor’s daughter. That in and of itself assured her a freaking foot in the door. Then there’s the fact that Daddy dearest has already made headlines with his adventures on the casting couch. Maybe, just maybe, the competition looks friendly to you, you silly girl, because no self-respecting woman wants to be the one Daddy’s casting couchy glances at next!


And now we have Arjun Kapoor making ridiculous statements like, “I’m here to stay!” Erm, nobody asked! Plus, you’re Boney Kapoor’s son, so the odds of you being chased outta B-town with a broom are kinda slim. Speaking of slim, what is the big deal about him having lost weight? So, he was a fat, rich boy who got a personal trainer?!! Big effin’ deal, man!


I mean, why open your mouth? Why?!! Just shut up and ham your way through one movie after another, make obscene amounts of money, and for the love of God, spare us your insipid thoughts!


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