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‘Marvel-ous’ Story Of Stan Lee, Indian Superhero, And Satyajit Ray

Published on 15 November, 2018 at 4:24 pm By

At the age of 95-years, real-life superhero Stan Lee left this world. Being a devoted fan of superhero comics and movies, I can’t thank him enough for creating such characters which are a part of modern-day pop culture world. A writer, editor, and publisher he left behind a legacy that will be remembered by the generations to come. Popular for his creation of Spiderman, he also gave life to Black Panther, the X-Men, the Fantastic Four, the Incredible Hulk, and Ant-Man. There are also the other characters that this ‘Marvel-ous’ man created.


Wondering which is the Indian character he co-created? Well, the name of our very own desi superhero show is Chakra. Here’s how this superhero looks:



Titled Chakra: The Invincible, Stan Lee created it along with Sharad Devarajan and Gotham Chopra. His company POW! Entertainment came together with Graphic India to create this character. Back in 2011, the comic book was launched. In 2013, Cartoon Network India launched an animation film on the character. Want to take a peek at the film?




This was not all but Lee along with co-creator Devaranjan started the talks of creating a live-action film. They even started working on the screenplay. Vikramaditya Motwane, director of Udaan, was finalized for directing this movie. It would have been a joint venture of POW! Entertainment, Graphic India, and Phantom Films. With Stan Lee gone and Phantom Films shutting down, that possibility is dead.

During an interview about the film, Lee also expressed his excitement for being on the path of forging a relationship with Bollywood. This is what he said:

“I have always been a fan of Bollywood films and I’m really excited about launching Chakra the Invincible as my first Bollywood superhero movie. We’ve set up some great meetings already with some of the most amazingly talented actors and directors in Indian cinema and I have no doubt that these individuals will help make the Chakra film a massive hit in India and around the globe.”



For the uninitiated, Chakra is story of a young Indian boy. Named Raju Rai, this young person lives in Mumbai and is a tech genius. Along with his genius mentor, he creates a suit that activates the mystical chakras of the human body. Naturally, that unleashes abilities that give him the power to be a superhero. When there is a hero then the villain can’t be far away. Raju’s arch nemesis is crime lord of Mumbai, Boss Yama. Besides invincibility, Raju’s powers also contain shooting solar beams and flying.



The concept of chakra saw the light of the day with efforts from Lee and the co-creators. However, this was not the first time that the ace artist took an interest in creating an Indian superhero. Many years back, Oscar-winning filmmaker Satyajit Ray approached Stan Lee. He conceptualized an Indian version of Spider-Man.

Ray traveled to New York to meet Lee. Predictably, Lee readily accepted this proposal and wanted to give a superhero to India. Even the name of the hero and villain were decided. Apparently, the hero would have been called Pavitr Prabhakar and the villain was named Nalin Oberoi. Sadly, Ray passed away before they could begin work on this concept.

Maybe the collaboration of two great minds like Satyajit Ray and Stan Lee would have given us a world famous superhero. That, however, will remain a mystery.


Stan Lee and Stayajit Ray


It is quite saddening for the comic fans and Marvel Universe lovers that they will not be able to experience the amazing creations of Lee anymore. Also, no more cameos in Marvel movies from this amazing person. Following the news of his demise, people from all over the world came forward to pay their tribute. Even Mumbai Police did their part of offering condolences. Here are some of the illustrations that truly captured the sadness of the fans and their love for Stan Lee.



How cute!



You will always be missed






Naturally, reactions poured in from celebrities too. Here’s how they mourned the death of this real-life superhero.







RIP, Mr. Lee! You will always be missed.

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