Stalker Fearlessly Chopped Off A 15-Year-Old Girl’s Hand In A Busy UP Market

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12:00 pm 26 Aug, 2017


How hard is it to understand the meaning of a simple two letter word “NO”?

With every passing day, the monsters who like to play with the lives of women are getting fearless. Another story of their fearlessness has come to light as a 15-year-old became a victim of inhumanity.


Vinod Chaurasia, a man who works at a welding shop in Lakhimpur Kheri, attacked a 15-year-old in a busy milling market. In broad daylight, Chaurasia pinned this girl to the ground and kept cutting her hand with a sword till it fell on the ground.

People overpowered him but he started chopping off her other hand too. An eye witness of this gruesome incident told TOI

One of her hands fell off, while the man kept striking at her other hand even as people overpowered him and rescued the girl from certain death.


The district hospital in Kheri, where the girl was rushed for treatment recommended her to a hospital in Lucknow because of her deteriorating condition. The reason behind this horrific step taken by Vinod is still not clear. Here’s what the police said about the case,

Our priority is the health of the girl, who is in a serious condition. Once her condition improves, we will record her statement, following which the motive of the attack can be clearly ascertained.


However, the thing that is clear is that Vinod had been stalking this 15-year-old who is a class 11 student. She even complained about Vinod to her parents. Sadly, no one took the matter too seriously.

The girl’s health is not yet stable as she has lost a lot of blood. It’s time parents start taking stalking and eve teasing seriously. Parents should stop blaming girls and start taking serious action against monsters like Vinod.



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