5 Stages Of Love That Every Person In A Relationship Would Have Experienced

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2:56 pm 22 Nov, 2016

There are basically 5 stages of love but most of us are stuck at stage 3. Let’s find out why?

Being inexperienced in love and still writing this story was an uphill task. Love is present in every beautiful feeling. Be it care, surprise, longing, lust or restlessness, love is a hidden seed in every emotion. But succeeding in love is not an easy.

Come, let’s go through the five stages of love and probably you would relate to all of them:

Stage 1- Falling in Love and believing that love is forever.

Benjamin Franklin rightly said, “Admiration is the daughter of ignorance.” This is the very first stage of so-called “love”. It is when you don’t know the person very well. But love is blind and you get carried away by their admiring looks.

Be cautious guys, let me warn you, all that glitters is not gold. This is the stage when we think that this is the best thing happening to us. Don’t fall head over heels in love.

Stage 2: Love deepens and relationships starts:

You feel more secure in each other arms and know all the right reasons to why this relationship will survive and last longer. You may not have wild sex, but it is largely satisfying.

But soon things start to turn around.

Stage 3: Luv ka di End!

This is the stage when everything seems to go wrong. Little things start to bother you and you feel surrounded by complications.

You doubt your decision of getting into this commitment game. But it is said, “when you walk through hell, don’t stop”. Only when you move ahead to solve your differences, you will be able to become a mature couple.

Stage 4 – Finding the space for real love:

As issues get resolved, you start to accept each other’s flaws and stop trying to change each other.

Stage 5: The bond strengthens and sometimes, it lasts forever:

With time, you realize that you two are destined to be together. You start cherishing each day as it comes and you feel connected through fate. But, very few stories have a happy ending.

Right, guys?

We would be glad to hear your journey. Tell us in which stage you are and how you plan to climb the ladder.

Don’t fall in love, rise in it!


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