This Video Of SRK’s Transformation To Gaurav Is A Testimony To His Well-Deserved Stardom

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5:31 pm 20 Apr, 2016


Shah Rukh has promised to entertain his fans in last five years of his acting career like never before. 


And ‘Fan’ is a brilliant testimony of how he is sticking to his promise. However, once you get the inside scoop on how he nailed the look of a 27-year-old Gaurav, you’ll be blown away. From wrinkly saggy skin to chubby cheeks and from broad chiseled shoulders to young, narrow ones, prosthetics and VFX have surely helped Shah Rukh Khan.

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But what’s made Gaurav is much more than this. 

It’s SRK’s dedication to sit in one place for hours and his passion to realize a fictional character unknown and almost unattainable till the last moment. It’s his perseverance and his loyalty to gift his fans a promise he made some time ago.

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This video is an eye-opening experience for the audience who ridiculed a 2-hour movie in a jiffy. It’s a proof to us who think stars are made of all things glitz and glam.

Stars are made of star-dust. 


SRK take a bow!