This Attempt By SRK’s Meer Foundation For The Acid Attack Survivors Is Truly Praiseworthy

5:02 pm 20 Jul, 2018


We have witnessed acid attacks taking place all over the world. With the brutal intention to disfigure the victim, people attack other individuals using harmful acid condemning them to a life of suffering. Apparently, our Bollywood celebrities have always been at the forefront to support the acid attack survivors through their various efforts. One such effort has been taken by Bollywood’s heartthrob Shah Rukh Khan with the establishment of Meer Foundation. The main aim of the Meer Foundation is to work extensively towards the upliftment of the women subjected to acid violence.

From facilitating initiatives and campaigns to providing financial aid to the acid attack survivors, SRK’s NGO Meer Foundation has been taking all the measures to provide a happy and successful life to the acid attack survivors.



Recently, the foundation organized a free Plastic Surgery Camp in order to provide the best quality treatment to the acid attack survivors from across the world. Incidentally, the initiative was started by Atijeevan Foundation in partnership with SRK’s Meer Foundation. The organization has been providing surgeries to various survivors across the country for the past few years. Furthermore, the Plastic Surgery Camp was followed by a specialized eye surgery camp in collaboration with New Hope Hospital in Chennai city.



Director of Meer Foundation shared some of his thoughts on the initiative. He said:

“Through Meer, we try to take away the financial burden of their treatment, thereby providing them with facilities to live a better and happier life. With every initiative, we envision growing our universe to facilitate as many women as we could The plastic surgery and eye surgery camp in association with Atijeevan Foundation and New Hope Hospital aims to provide best quality treatment to Acid attack survivors across the country.”




Have a read at the tweet posted by Shah Rukh Khan in which he has written about being honored to be a part of the organization:




According to reports, Shah Rukh Khan talked about having the privilege to work with the acid attack survivors:

“With victims of acid attacks, I have had the privilege to witness the unparalleled courage and compassion that women are capable of. I have seen the transformative strength of goodness and the healing power of gentleness.”