SRK’s Tweet About Gautam Gambhir’s Community Kitchen Proves He Truly Is A Humble King

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7:00 pm 2 Aug, 2017


When it comes to our nation and the heroes who work day and night to guard our national boundaries, cricketer Gautam Gambhir has always been vocal in appreciating them. He has always been involved in social work. Gambhir has his own foundation to help the needy.


Yet again, the cricketer has taken a heroic and generous step in society’s favor. With a motto of ‘Not to let anyone sleep hungry’, the cricketer has started a free community kitchen under Gautam Gambhir Foundation. It’s Patel Nagar where the community kitchen has been started to feed the poor. Another heartwarming gesture we saw when the cricketer himself came to serve the food to the needy. The people who can’t afford food won’t be hungry anymore. The kitchen will be open from 1 pm to 3 pm.

Sharing this happy news with his followers and fans, Gambhir tweeted,

The cricketer even shared a picture of himself serving food.

Seeing these tweets by Gautam Gambhir, the King of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan was quick enough to reply. He not only appreciated the cricketer for this generous step but also said that he would love to become a part of Gambhir’s initiative.

Here’s what Shah Rukh tweeted:

Soon Gambhir revealed that Shah Rukh is the inspiration behind Gambhir’s generous steps. He also told that SRK has helped a lot in the initiatives that the Gautam Gambhir Foundation has taken so far.

Almost everyone is familiar with Shah Rukh’s humble nature and that’s what makes him deserving to be called the King.



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