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Shah Rukh Khan’s Response To His Teacher’s Message Proves Why His Teachers Still Love Him

Updated on 6 September, 2017 at 8:00 pm By

It is a fact that Shah Rukh Khan is one of the brightest actors in Bollywood. Of course, he is a superstar – the man who holds the reins of Bollywood in his hands. He is an extremely talented actor and a gentlemanly character, loved and respected by millions in India.




Truth is that SRK is more than the name he is. He was already a darling of the people who knew him even before he became the star is today.

Probably everyone knows that Shah Rukh Khan has his roots in New Delhi. He grew up in the national capital and studied in a prestigious college of the city – the Hansraj College.

The college remembers its most famous student. In February 2016, SRK received his graduation degree from the college in a much-publicized event.


Indian Express

And today, on the occasion of Teacher’s Day, a teacher from the same college who taught him from 1986-89 had something to say about him.

Delhi Times posted a video of the lady teacher talking about SRK on Twitter.


Touched by the words, Shah Rukh Khan responded:

People, too, expressed their adulation for SRK:


SRK is awesome!

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