Shah Rukh Khan Is A Pokemon Go Fan, Too! Man, This Game Is Going Viral

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4:13 pm 21 Jul, 2016

Pokemon Go is trending over social media since quite a long time. Though, the game hasn’t been released in India yet, but Indians have their own jugaad.

I started playing the game and soon became an addict. But, I didn’t know that movie stars are also going mad over this game!

AIB Pokemon Go spoof, recently posted a spoof video of SRK and Jaya Bachchan from ‘Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham’. The video has a Pikachu imposed on Jaya Bachchan‘s head saying how it feels when you get a special Pokemon after a long day.



And see what happened!

SRK tweeted the spoof agreeing with it.


So, people, King Khan is playing this super cool game as well and has free mein advertised for it!



When are you downloading it? Haven’t you started playing it yet?


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