Dear Zindagi’s Latest Promo Has SRK Answering The Reason Behind Our Wrecked Up Love Lives

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3:24 pm 15 Nov, 2016

Decades ago the villains of a Bollywood love story were angry parents, wicked vamps and obsessive lovers . Today, we have none of them. The love stories of today show us as our very own villain –  our failure to feel love, allow love or even express love. Undeniably, our wrecked up love lives have a lot to do with struggles of our own self.

Dear Zindagi’s promos don’t just look entertaining but much more insightful. Watch Shahrukh Khan tell us in 1 minute what makes us such emotional cowards to make our lives so so miserable. We really don’t know how to love; but thankfully we are not at fault.


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