SRK’s Inspirational Speech For Graduating Students Has Life Lessons In Each Word

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3:04 pm 3 Jun, 2016


Shah Rukh Khan recently attended the graduation ceremony of the Dhirubhai Ambani International School in Mumbai. The ceremony didn’t give the students a chance to cry over some boring speeches given by the principal or some other school member.



King Khan himself took over the mic and proved to everyone once again that he truly is the master of words. Every single statement of his speech has life lessons for the graduating students as well as advice for the school teachers and parents.

His humor is known by all. With all his charm and style, he again won our hearts and delivered such inspiring words that are incomparable. It was a treat for everyone present there to listen to him.




Bollywood’s Badshah shared his life story, the story of his father, the lessons he learned, his feelings for his mother, his struggles, crushes, teenage traumas and everything. Taking a dig on Donald Trump, he created a bit of humor but remained stuck on his point that to achieve success we don’t only have to think big, we have to work hard and harder till we achieve our dreams.


These are just a few lines from his whole speech:

“Feel free to be yourself and don’t let anyone, including me, tell you who you are or what you ought to be.”


“All that parents try to do is to make you happy with your choices by annoying you with ours, which are your choices anyway. You just don’t know it yet. So, never be angry or hold a grudge against your parents.”


“Learn to laugh at yourself and don’t take yourself seriously no matter what you become. It makes you braver and changes your perspective. Without a sense of humour, the world will be a dull, dreary place.”


It wasn’t just this much. He has said a lot of valuable things in just half an hour speech. Watch the full speech and get inspired by the king of Bollywood.


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