Walk Inside Shahrukh-Gauri’s Spectacular Abode ”Mannat”

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6:39 pm 19 Aug, 2016

Shahrukh Khan lives life King size and there are no two views about it. And why shouldn’t he? He deserves every iota of it.

Let’s admit, we have always pictured SRK’s life like this:



And when you check out these spectacular pictures of ”Mannat”, you’ll only realize how it’s so much better with Gauri being an artsy interior designer. Mannat is not cool and boho. It’s purely classic and every corner spells royalty- just like the King Khan himself.


Be it the rich maroon colored walls of his dining area with stunning overhead candle fixtures

Or these eclectic pieces in little crannies of this place.


This beautiful, lavish setting is their living room. Notice those rugged bricked walls and golden frames complimented perfectly by pinks and maroons.


These wall installations on rugged walls just spell the real electric feel of Mannat.


The living room is spread all across the ground floor housing collectibles from all over the world. The second floor consists of their bedrooms and guest rooms.

The third floor is entirely for entertainment purposes housing gym, swimming pool, theatre, sports bar etc.


Notice the paint brush on right. That’s a gift by MF Hussain to Shahrukh Khan after Gauri fell in love with it.


Oh boy, Queen’s closet!



 And this is ”Mannat” in all its glory!



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