A Fan’s Incredible Art Made Shah Rukh Khan Look Back On The Past 50 Years In Awe

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5:51 pm 22 Mar, 2016


Rahul Arya, an artist, has bowled over SRK. And when something has the incredibility to bowl over the King, it ought to be something nice.

This sand-art traces the journey of SRK right from his hometown, Delhi, to the city of dreams, Bombay.

From Hansraj and Jamia to the theaters, the sand-art shows things he earned and lost.

In 1988, Shah Rukh debuted on the small screen with the serial ‘Fauji’.

srk fauji


Two years later, he lost his mother to cancer.

srk mother


The 200-second video sees the artist drawing every milestone movie.

srk baazigar

From ‘Baazigar’ to ‘Chennai Express’, he sailed through his beautiful victories at the box office and award podiums.

srk fam

With the release date of ‘Fan’ nearing, what can be a more wonderful gift to Khan from a fan?


srk Fan


Undoubtedly, SRK loved this gesture. He shared the video on his Facebook page saying how it only makes him work even harder.



Thank you. Makes me want to work harder when I see my life flashing past me and I still have enough to create more.

Posted by Shah Rukh Khan on Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Catch the video here!