Shah Rukh Khan Gave A Nasty Shock To His Fans On Twitter

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Updated on 7 Sep, 2017 at 2:49 pm

Shah Rukh Khan has millions of fans.

Congratulatory tweets poured in from all corners of the earth on SRK’s birthday on November 2.


Though no one expected it, Shah Rukh Khan decided to show his fans his love-filled heart and responded.


Everyone went bonkers when they received a Tweet from SRK himself.




But it soon dawned upon humanity that it was not the Badshah but a ‘Bad Shah’ playing a dirty marketing trick.




It appears that the bot was working full-time on November 6, too.

Why then would @iamsrk keep retweeting every Tom, Dick, or Harry post that mentioned #DforDilwale?


Dilwale 1

Dilwale 3

Dilwale 5


Even those that just had the ‘D’.

Dilwale 4

So all of this left many slightly annoyed.

Pissed off


The bot seems to have become operational on November 9, the day ‘Dilwale’ trailer was released. But none of the celebrities who wished SRK appears to have received the message.

Anyway, though it was a really bad marketing gimmick from King Khan we always forgive him the moment he gives us this look.