Shah Rukh And Alia Continue Their Cute Streak And Surprise Their ‘Dear Zindagi’ Crew

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2:06 am 27 Oct, 2016

The teaser trailers of ‘Dear Zindagi’ make it look like it’s going to be one of the more promising releases of the year. While Alia builds on her sister’s legacy and looks like the character she’s playing in the movie was tailor-made for her, Shah Rukh seems to have finally found his way out of the typecast corner he had painted himself into these past couple decades.

In other words, ‘Dear Zindagi’ is looking very watchable!


Shah Rukh and Alia recently did something really special for the ‘Dear Zindagi’ crew at the wrap-up party. They decided to go off the beaten path, and instead of the usual barrage of selfies and/or cake and refreshments and dancing, they gave each member of the crew personalized notes, and gifts that suited their individual tastes.


The thing about the movie business is that actors and directors usually get all the glory. It is really heartening to see the hard work of the unsung heroes of the film fraternity being appreciated. It’s about time the spotlight focused on them, too. If only for a bit!



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