Dettol Hilariously Trolled Sri Lankan Cricketers For Wearing Masks And Endorsed Their Own Brand

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3:22 pm 6 Dec, 2017


The three-match Test series between India and Sri Lanka became the talk of the town when Sri Lankan players wore masks during the match and complained of medical issues due to toxic pollution in Delhi’s air. The match even witnessed the arrival of the medical team on the ground to check the health of the players.


While some people asked the government to look into the matter and do something to overcome this pollution, there were some who called the Sri Lankan players dramebaaz and claimed that the team did this drama to stop the match and avoid losing against Team India.


Over this, tweeple got divided into two sides. One side said India should feel shame to what they have done to its air. However, the other side trolled the Sri Lankan players and criticised their strategy to stop the match.

One of those who trolled the rivals was the reputed company Dettol.


Dettol has recently launched a smart mask. They claim that the mask has the potential to protect you from Delhi’s extremely polluted air. Endorsing the same, Dettol trolled Sri Lankan players for using wrong masks and said that the masks that they were wearing during the match cannot protect them from the pollution.

Here’s what the company tweeted:

Dettol even sent them a pack of their mask as they promised in their previous tweet:


The company’s marketing strategy left tweeple in splits. Here’s how they reacted to Dettol’s smart tweet:


Don’t you think that Dettol trolled the rivals in the most epic way? Do share your views in the comments section below.

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