9 Logical Questions That Are Making Sridevi’s Death Case Even More Mysterious

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Updated on 17 Dec, 2018 at 2:30 pm


Sridevi’s sudden demise was a dark day for the India film industry. The actress who started acting in the glamorous industry at the age of four spent five decades of her life entertaining her fans.

While earlier reports suggested that she died due to a cardiac arrest, her forensic report told a different story. As per the investigation, the actress was drunk and hence lost her balance, fell into the bathtub and accidentally drowned in it. Sridevi’s forensic report has been made public but failed to convince her fans.



There are certain potholes in the case that are making people believe that it’s not an accident but a murder. After analyzing reports from different media platforms, we have come up with some questions that everyone needs answers to.


Take a look at the list below and let us know if you also want answers to these questions:

1. Sridevi’s reports suggest that cause of death is “accidental drowning” then why a cardiac arrest was made public as the reason behind her demise?


2. Many reports say that Sridevi didn’t leave her hotel for two days. Why? Was she depressed? Why did she want to stay alone?


3. The actress’ forensic reports have major mistakes. Why such important reports look so unprofessional?


4. Boney Kapoor was there in the room when Sridevi died in the Bathroom. Why didn’t he hear any noise or scream when Sridevi fell in the bathtub?


5. The forensic reports say that she died because of accidental drowning. How can they say that it was an accident?


6. The tests state that traces of alcohol were found in Sridevi’s blood. If she was badly drunk then why the hell she was left alone?


7. Can a mature adult drown in a bathtub?



8. Why are forensic reports signed by preventive medicine department and not by the forensic department?


9. Boney Kapoor checked the bathroom at 7:30 pm and informed the police at 9:00 pm. Why did he wait for two hours?


Do you think that the listed questions are valid? Can you answer any of the question mentioned above? Do share your views in the comments section below.



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