Sri Reddy’s Post Leads Media Houses To Slam Sachin Tendulkar, But It’s Time They Should Think Before Acting

7:11 pm 12 Sep, 2018


South Indian actress Sri Reddy made headlines when she spoke up against the exploitation of women in South Indian Cinema. Since then the actress has targeted many famous Kollywood and Tollywood celebs. She has brought to fore the ugly reality of sexual misconduct against women in the industry. In fact, on many occasion, she has even presented compelling evidence against these bigwigs. Reddy recently left all shocked when she fired at South stars Nani and Pawan Kalyan.

Ever since the actress began posting her exposes on social media, media outlets across the globe have kept a close eye on it. Anything and everything the actress posts make it to the headlines. Recently, something has happened that shocked us and will have the same effect on you.



The actress in a recent Facebook post accuses a guy by the name Sachin Tendulkaran of being involved with a girl. Nowhere does she mention if the person is master blaster Sachin Tendulkar or even a cricketer.



Irrespective of this, many media houses across the nation have already started circulating the news. Many portals are reporting that Sri Reddy has accused the Bharat Ratna of being involved with an actress. Shocking to the point of disbelief, isn’t it? Believe us, we are just as shocked about this as you are.



Before proceeding, check out the post by Sri Reddy below:



The actress clearly states that when this guy visited Hyderabad he was involved with a girl. She also states that some Chamundeswar Swami played the pimp in fixing up this arrangement. But just like the identity of that person in question, the post does not mention anything more.

However, many are speculating that the actress in question is Charmy Kaur. The way that Sri plays around with the word ‘charming’ and spells it as ‘charmi’ng’ has given rise to these speculations.



We are sure that this news has broken many hearts and has shocked all. But whether there is any truth in this or not is yet to be proved. Neither cricketer Sachin Tendulkar, nor the actress Charmee Kaur have made any statements about this.

Well, we hope that this matter clears up soon for the sanctity of Indian cricket fans across the globe. And as far as we are concerned, the news of the god of cricket, Sachin Tendulkar being involved in all this is just a farce. What do you think?