Sri Reddy Abused Actor Pawan Kalyan Over Sexual Harassment In Tollywood. Watch Video

5:27 pm 17 Apr, 2018


Tollywood actress Sri Reddy’s protest against “casting couch” started with her stripping down to her undergarments in front of Movie Artistes Association’s (MAA) office at Filmnagar in Hyderabad. She alleged that many producers and directors exploited her sexually, yet never offered her any role in their movies.


Following her stripping, she alleged that Rana Daggubati’s brother Abhiram Daggubati exploited her. Then she created a storm by revealing a series of late night chats with different Tollywood celebrities.



Amidst this ongoing saga of accusations, famous Actor-politician Pawan Kalyan commented:

“There is no use going to TV channels. The women should go to police stations. More than this sensationalism, there is a need to fight all such injustice in court. Instead of resorting to such protests, it’s better to approach the police and narrate their problems. Let them handle it. Because how much ever we speak to the media, it is the government’s duty to do justice,”

When further asked if he will support Sri Reddy, as she is asking for support from the Tollywood industry, he commented:

“I will extend support, but I’m not a policeman and neither a judge. The law has to take its course before people decide to take law in their own hands.”


 Sri responded to the actor’s statements by saying:

“I’m not happy with Pawan Kalyan sir’s statement, but it’s okay. He spoke about protecting other women but at the same time he kept me down. I can’t understand him. It’s fine. I’m not jealous and I am not trying to get public attention or popularity like anyone.”

Soon after this Pawan Kalyan fans started to abuse her in unparliamentary language. During an interview, she finally spoke about the abuses angrily. Eventually, she called Pawan Kalyan “Ma*****od” and gave him the middle finger.




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