Sri Lankan Cricket Crew Told To Strip If They Want Wages

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Updated on 6 Sep, 2017 at 4:30 pm

In a humiliating incident, Sri Lankan Cricket authorities ordered crew members to take their pants off if they wanted their daily wages.

The Sri Lankan Cricket Board issues an apology to the victims after the crew were told to strip at an international cricket ground in the country. Several photographs of this humiliating incident have gone viral on social media. The crew was made of 100 young men who were working for a daily wage of Sri Lankan Rupees 1,000. They were working during the five ODIs between Zimbabwe and Sri Lanka and were given uniforms by the cricket board.


At the end of the series, when the workers approached the board for the pay, they were ordered to “deposit” their pants back first. The crew said they were unaware that the authorities would ask them to deposit the uniform and hence most of them did not bring a change of clothes along. However, the board took the uniform before clearing their dues and the workers had to walk back home in their underwear.


Sri Lankan Cricket Board issues a statement where it condemned the issue and apologized to the workers. The statement read,

Whilst stern action will be taken against those responsible, Sri Lanka Cricket wishes to apologise to those subjected to this ignominy, and will take steps to ensure they are compensated.

The incident took place at the Mahindra Rajapaksa International stadium where Zimbabwe won the series against Sri Lanka with a score of 3-2.