Sri Lankan Navy Rescues Two Young Elephants Stranded In The Deep Sea

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11:30 am 25 Jul, 2017


Sri Lankan Navy, on Sunday, saved two young elephants from drowning. They had washed out into deep seas, about 800 meters away from the coast.

Two elephants struggling in the sea with their trunks outside water SFGate/ Sri Lankan Navy


The animals facing trouble in the deep waters of the sea between Round Island and Foul Point of Trincomalee were first noticed by an inshore patrol craft who informed the Department of Wildlife in Trincomalee. Their trunks were above the water and they were struggling to come out.

Elephants drowning in sea SFGate/ Sri Lankan Navy



The pictures of the elephants struggling in the water also showed that they were distressed. According to the Sri Lankan Navy, the pair of elephants could finally be brought to the shore after enormous efforts by navy divers and wildlife officers — ropes and flotilla of boats were used to tow the animals back to shallow waters. The jumbos were tied with the help of ropes, towed back to shallow water and finally guided to the shore by the rescue team.

Sri Lankan Navy rescuing two elephants from sea SFGate/ Sri Lankan Navy


The young elephants were then released into the Foul Point Jungle in Trincomalee, to which they belonged. None of the two animalswere harmed during the rescue.

The rescued jumbos walking towards the shore SFGate/ Sri Lankan Navy


The rescue operation that lasted for five hours was carried out by Navy personnel of the Eastern Naval Command.

This incident was not the first rescue operation by Sri Lankan Navy to save drowning animals. Earlier this month, an elephant was rescued from the sea about 10 kilometers away from the coast of Kokkuthuduwai in Kokilai area. This rescue mission lasted 12 long hours. According to the Navy, the elephant could have been swept away by a rip current while crossing shallow lagoons in that area.

The Sri Lankan Navy in a statement said that the elephants were extremely lucky to have been spotted by the patrol craft which called others boats to help with the rescue.

The Sri Lankan Navy also shot a video of the entire rescue mission of saving the two elephants on Sunday, which can be seen below: