Sri Devi’s Death Not Accidental Drowning But A Planned Murder, Claims Delhi Police Retired ACP

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1:49 pm 15 May, 2018


The entire nation was taken aback on February 24 with the news of sudden demise of legendary Indian actress Sri Devi. She had allegedly died of drowning in her hotel room’s bathtub during her stay in Dubai. While the actress was drowning, her husband, Bollywood film producers Boney Kapoor was waiting for her in the room and came to know about her drowning only when she was already dead. As per news reports of that time, Dubai police had investigated the case in depth and found Sri’s death to be an accident.




However, Sri Devi’s fans including some celebrities and politician Subramanian Swamy had raised doubts on her death and the circumstances which made the entire situation suspicious. However, as her mortal remains arrived in India, no investigation was carried out in the country and she was cremated the very next day after her fans and the entire industry paid their last respect to her.



Even after Sri Devi’s cremation, it looks like some of her fans were not able to let go of their doubts regarding the circumstances in which she died. Senior counsel Vikas Singh had raised questions on how a 5 feet 7 inch tall person could die in a 5 feet 1 inch long bathtub. Singh had filed a plea in the Supreme Court of India seeking all the documents of related to her death be brought to India. However, his plea was rejected by the apex court’s bench of judges comprising chief justice Dipak Misra, justice A. M. Khanwilkar and D.Y. Chandrachud.



But it looks like that even this has not convinced some people doubting the suspicious circumstances around Sri Devi’s death. Despite all forensic reports ruling out any kind of foul play in Sri Devi’s death, Ved Bhushan, a retired assistant commissioner of police of Delhi Police who now owns a private investigation agency has claimed that he has investigated the Dubai hotel in which Sri Devi mysteriously died and that he felt that something has been hidden. Addressing the media, retd. ACP said,

“With all respect towards Dubai law, we were not satisfied by Sridevi Death as ‘Accidental drowning’, We wanted to know what has happened to her exactly. There were many questions left unanswered. So we went to Dubai to collect all the facts. Sridevi died mysteriously and questions need to be answered, some questioned posed after her death were relevant and logical.”


Retired Delhi Police ACP Ved Bhushan. Source


While talking to the media, Ved Bhushan further claimed:

“We Felt Something was hidden. What the reason for closing the case because before a few hours the investigation was going on strictly but suddenly an announcement was made saying it was closed. It’s very easy to put some one in bath tub forcefully, until victims breathing stops without leaving evidence of crime. And label as a accidental death. This looks a planned murder This case Required high level of investigation which we did to reveal truth. Our investigation is not yet complete but we firmly believe that Sridevi’s death is probable murder.”

You can watch the YouTube video of retd. ACP Ved Bhushan talking to media below:


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