Sreesanth Lashes Out At The BCCI In A Series Of Tweets For Not Lifting His Ban

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1:49 pm 13 Aug, 2017


Sreesanth was once a shining talent. His fast bowling attack was spectacular, and many predicted that he would go a long way as his bowling style was unique, powerful and deadly.



But his unusual personality was hard to decode. He was way too expressive on the field, and very often, he violated the code of conduct because of his weird behavior. And that is where his downfall started. His biggest setback came when he was arrested in the IPL match-fixing and betting scandal in 2013, and the BCCI handed him a life-ban.

A few days back, Kerala state High Court lifted his ban, and Sreesanth hoped to make a comeback to the national team.

But it seems like his dream will remain a dream as BCCI has challenged the court’s decision. A BCCI official said,

We don’t agree with the order. It definitely needs to be challenged and within a week the appeal would be filed in the Kerala High Court. We were always clear on this case as the board is firm on its zero tolerance policy on corruption and match-fixing


After the BCCI rejected his plea, the disappointed Sreesanth disgraced the BCCI’s move in a series of tweets,

This is what he said,


Though the damage was done, Sreesanth soon realized his mistake of disrespecting the BCCI and later expressed his regret.



Such an immature move.