Tharoor Attacks Sreesanth On Twitter; The Former Cricketer Lets Out A Confused Rant

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6:26 pm 20 Apr, 2016


Former cricketer Sreesanth, who recently joined Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), was recently left flabbergasted when Congress MP Shashi Tharoor attacked him in a Twitter post questioning him if he has done his ‘homework’.

Sreesanth, who is a contestant in upcoming assembly elections in Kerala, had recently given an interview to a news channel.

During the interview he was left stumped by the questions asked by the anchor and had fumbled with answers.




Soon after the interview ended, Tharoor posted a link of the interview:


Though, leaders of opposition party attacking one on Twitter is nothing new, Sreesanth, who is new to politics, was clearly neither prepared for such an attack nor knew how to respond to it.

Not wanting remain quite on the issue, Sreesanth soon picked up a thread from what he knows best – Cricket.




Instead of replying to Tharoor’s jab against doing a ‘political’ homework, he sent out a series of tweets expressing his pain of not being able to play cricket and how Tharoor or Congress didn’t come to his aid or even asked him about his well being.

In tweets which were later removed, he blasted the Congress MP saying:


“I would have loved to keep bowling them but did u even call or help me and my family or did u even have any word to help me..​when me and my family was struggling get through my toughest situation..u r party didn’t even call or help ..u guys only talk​.”

Subsequently, Sreesanth tweeted these:



Though the online counters were political, Tharoor took the rant sportingly and gave the newbie a friendly advice:



Though both now belong to opposite parties, till now the two had never seemed to share any animosity.

Rather, a few weeks back, Tharoor had even posted a tweet about running into ‘humble’ Shreesanth and sharing a friendly embrace.