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21 Ways To Know If The Guy You’re Dating Is A Good Guy

Updated on 5 October, 2019 at 4:16 pm By

1. Is he ready to take things slow?

If a guy is serious about being with you, he will be ready to take things slow. If the guy expects you to kiss, make out or have sex when you’re not ready, chances are that he is into the physical side of it and not into you.



2. See if he asks for your opinions.


A guy who cares about you being a part of his life will want to know what your opinions on things are. He’ll discuss future plans, ask you what your future plans are (he wants to know if he fits in there) and even discuss daily life details with you.

3. What happens when you ask him to order for you?

When you go with him to a restaurant, ask him to order for you. Does he just order without asking if you like this or that sort of dish? Does he actually describe a few dishes and ask you which you’d like? The latter is a more considerate guy.

4. How does he react when you do something embarrassing?

If a guy is more interested in you than others, he will ignore you dropping a fork or smile even if you’re repeating an outdated joke. If he gets embarrassed and moves away from you or checks you, he won’t be an understanding life-partner.



5. Gauge his good friends’ behavior

Most guys gossip a lot and call it “male bonding”. Chances are that your guy has told his friends about you. Do they crack jokes at your expense? Are they welcoming of you? Their behavior will reveal what he’s told them about you.

6. Tell him you’re stuck somewhere after dark.

The world can be an unsafe place for girls after dark, so how does your guy react when you’re stuck somewhere in the late hours? Does he offer to come pick you up? Does he ask you to book a cab? The first one is preferable.

7. See if he is willing to pay for you on a date.

Yes, the world is more equal now so there’s no harm in a girl paying for herself. It’s actually a great way to ensure your independence. However, does he expect you to pay for yourself? If so, he might not be good at sharing things later on.

8. What kinds of gifts does he buy for you?


So most likely he does buy you gifts, but are they ones that show he thought about what he’s giving you or are they just gifts for the sake of gifts? If he really likes you, he’ll try and buy you things that he knows you like or want.

9. Make him meet trustworthy friends/family.

Sometimes we can be blind to flaws that those nearest to us can see easily. What do your good friends and family members think of this guy? If they seem to have serious concerns about his personality and behavior, pay attention.

10. Watch his eyes.

A guy who is constantly looking around at the room when you’re sitting in front of him is not too interested in you. On the other hand, if his eyes are constantly on your body, he probably likes you just for the package you come in.

11. Notice the effort he makes for you.

A nice guy will be ready to step out of his comfort zone for you. Even if you like theater and he likes clubs, does he agree to go to watch plays with you? Does he try and cook something for you even if he’s no kitchen whiz?

12. Does he offer to help without being asked?

How does your guy react if you drop things, get your earring stuck in your shawl or are carrying a heavy bag? If he only helps when you ask for it, he’s a selfish sort of guy.  A nice guy will rush to be of help to you.

13. Do you end up doing things you don’t want to?

Some people are very good at manipulation. If time and time again you find yourself in situations you just don’t want to be in, he’s not a good guy. If you say you’re not comfortable with something, a nice guy won’t push you to go ahead anyway.

penis pic


14. Take a look at his past romances.

How open is he about his exes? If he talks to you about his exes, does he badmouth them? Was it always their fault and not his? Also beware of a guy who is friends with all his exes; it could mean he finds it hard to end things or he likes hook-ups with them.

15. Ask him questions about his life.

In this age of knowing exactly what people had for breakfast, lunch and dinner via Instagram, we think we know more about people than we really do. A guy who wants a serious relationship will talk about both the good and bad aspects of his past with you.

16. When wrong, does he apologize or argue?

One major sign of a good guy is the ability to admit when he is wrong; not only to admit but also to apologize and make amends for his mistake. A guy who keeps his ego foremost will not admit to making a mistake and will keep trying to explain it away.



17. Dress down when you step out with him.

To make sure that the guy doesn’t treat you like a trophy to show off, sometimes you should dress down when you’re going out with him. If he tells you it’s time to get your eyebrows done or underarms waxed, he’ll always expect you to look perfect.

18. Can he laugh at himself?

People who can laugh at themselves show maturity, depth and a certain lightness that can make them wonderful to have around. Someone who takes himself too seriously can end up being an utter bore or, worse, a control freak.

19. Does he point out your flaws?

It is alarming how many PUAs (Pick Up Artists) are out there and how many guys follow their idiotic steps. One of these is constantly insulting a girl to break down her self-esteem; drop this guy like a hot potato. PUA inspired guys are kids trying to be men.

20. Make sure his words and actions match.

So many guys learn to say exactly what girls like to hear; they don’t mean a word of it. Check to see if your guy actually follows through with what he says. Does he promise to respect you and then do the exact opposite? He’s not a good guy.

21. How often does he contact you?

This is a tricky one but still, a guy who is interested in you will keep in touch with you. He many not send you thirty messages a day (and it’s fine because that would be suffocating) but he should be in regular contact and display interest in your life.






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