Manekshaw Is A Sportsperson And Krishna A Literary Figure, Says Gujarat Govt Portal

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12:16 pm 3 Mar, 2016

The official website of the Gujarat government has silly errors in a list of ‘Inspirational Characters from Gujarat’.

The portal,, not only wrongly mentions Manekshaw’s rank as General but also lists him under the category of eminent sportspersons.


While it could be an innocuous error, if you take a closer look at the image you’ll see that even Lord Krishna has not been spared – he and his devotee, Mira, are ‘literary figures’.


Errors galore:

1. India’s second Army chief General Rajendrasinhji Jadeja is a sportsperson.

2. Jamshedji Tata is a ‘Mahajan’

3. Education reformist Gijubhai Badheka is an industrialist and so are 13th century architects Vastupal and Tejpal. (They did not even care to put a hyphen.)

4. The laughable errors also include Sultan Ahmed Shah I, founder of Ahmedabad, as someone who made his name in “meditation”.

The government claims that the task was outsourced to a company and the errors were made by them. We wonder why no government official bothered to check.


Sir Jadeja


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