13 Signs You Are In A Spiritual Relationship With Him

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Updated on 7 Dec, 2015 at 5:43 pm


So you’ve been dating each other for quite some time now. You go out for movies, have fun on long drives, enjoy late night parties and have also had the most serious life conversations so far. There’s plenty in common between the two of you. Your likes and interests are nearly the same, and you think you can’t live without one another.


But, have you ever wondered is this a spiritual relationship?


Are you guys really meant for each other eternally? Will you be able to feel the same with another person as well? We’re here to help you find out answers to all these questions. Here’s a list of 13 signs that reveal you are in a spiritual relation with him:


1. You are consumed by passion but not always.

Passion is essential in a relationship, but if both of you are also maintaining your independence – your relation surely has a spiritual dimension. It will last longer and most likely grow stronger with the passage of time.


2. When together, you’re fully able to live in the moment.

When one of you speaks, the other is able to listen at length, and vice versa. If you can do the listening without interrupting and judging, it means you guys are capable of helping, guiding and advising each other through the thick and thin.


3. Your relationship is a tool to accomplish personal growth.

Neither of you compromises on personal growth. Instead, you help and support each other with individual life goals. Sometimes, it may involve living apart in different cities for months at a stretch or even for years. But even that doesn’t bother you too much.


4. You’re absolutely comfortable in your skin when around him.

Not in the lazy sense of ‘I don’t want to do all this,’ but you can do and say things as you want and not as desired. You can be your real self around him – just as you are with your close friends. You wear clothes you like, keep your hair tied or open, eat things as you like them, and feel at home.


5. Your emotional capacities have enhanced ever since he came into your life.

If the other person has been able to shift your perspectives toward life, rendered it more positive and full of energy, he’s not just your soul mate, but a spiritual soul mate.


6. You’ve gone beyond the surface expressions to feeling more deeply about each other.

Does it happen that even without letting him know what’s on your mind, he guesses it? If you’re upset over something, he’ll know it. If something is making you crazy, he’ll know it. And all of it without you saying a word to him? If yes, you know he’s your spiritual special-one!


7. You talk more than you do anything else.

As already mentioned, passion is not the only basis for a spiritual relationship. If you guys are talking more than sexting, and take time off your cellphones and laptops to share things with one another, you are nearing relationship spirituality.


8. You do not constantly want more.

If the two of you are appreciating all that you have, and not constantly craving for more, your love has genuinely moved a step close to its spiritual incarnation.


9. Your man and you not only treat each other as equals, but also play well defined ‘roles’.

You chose the roles you wish to play; roles that are naturally established without forcing either of you to fit into them. You guys know which one of you is better at handling finances, which one can take up emotional bearings, and so on.


10. You chose each other for experiencing ‘love’, and not for creating social certainty.

You’re not desperate to prove to the world you are in love. You don’t need to promise them ‘forever’ or ask for the same in return. Deep down you are assured of it already.


11. Despite having differing opinions, you do think on the same lines on most occasions.

This is to say that you think alike in most fundamental matters of life. You’re in agreement about when to have kids, when to buy a house, how and where to get married and so on.


12. Your partnership involves discussing the future together.

Be it your career paths or how the two of you will facilitate life, love and family in the future, at the end of it – you guys play an equal role in deciding these factors.


13. On those rare-or-frequent bad days, you think about how bad the day was and not how bad this relationship is.

You don’t let your personal issues bleed into your relationship.



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