You Might Soon Be Able To Drive At More Than 140 Kmph On India’s Expressways

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7:18 pm 12 Mar, 2016

Transport and Highways minister Nitin Gadkari has reportedly announced that they are planning to increase the speed limit to about 130-140 kmph on Indian Expressways.

At present the speed limit on Indian Expressways is 100 kmph, which is far less compared to that the global average of 120 kmph-130 kmph.




Ironically, there is currently a growing global demand to reduce the speed limits in urban and rural areas to much safer levels.




Gadkari said:

“We will come out with separate norms since such stretches will be access-controlled with minimum entry and exit points. The speed limit on other roads will be different and safety will be the parameter for setting the norms”

In urban areas and specific areas, local administration and police authorities would be notified about the speed limit and they “would be free to specify and enforce the speed limits”.

In next 2-3 weeks, the new speed limits could be enforced on new Mumbai-Vadodara, Delhi-Jaipur and Delhi-Amritsar expressways.




For safety measures, Gadkari asked his department to see whether the provision to add bituminous coat on concrete roads would be allowed on these expressways, so as to check tyre-bursts.

Gadkari is also keen to modernise the entire transport system in India and would soon be ‘declaring more state highways as national highways’ which he plans to expand with Centre’s investment.


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