11 Unprecedented Therapeutic Treatments Offered At The Dead Sea In Jordan

9:11 pm 25 Jan, 2017

We all deserve a break from our hectic work life to rejuvenate our mind and pamper our soul and body. Jordan is blessed with some natural therapeutic sites with luxury resorts which offer a diverse range of amenities.

These luxury resorts aim at providing its visitors a unique and relaxing experience catering to all of their health and fitness and beauty needs.

Dead Sea is the world’s largest natural spa. Its facilities like Dead Sea mud bath and a relaxing experience at private beach of the luxury resorts are worth an experience.

At 410m below sea level, the Dead Sea is the lowest place on earth. Jordan’s Dead Sea coast is one of the most spectacular natural and spiritual landscapes in the world, and it remains as enticing to international visitors today as it was to kings, emperors, traders, and prophets in antiquity.

A large amount of investment in the area has provided the Dead Sea with new roads making the new and luxurious 5 star hotels like the Movenpick Hotel and Resort, the Jordan Valley Marriott, the Kempinski Ishtar Hotel, and the 4 star Dead Sea Spa Hotel easily accessible.

The main attraction of the Dead Sea is the soothing abnormally salty water itself. The salt content of the water is 31.5% making the water so buoyant that it is impossible for the visitor to sink. The water also contains 21 minerals including high levels of magnesium, sodium, potassium, and bromine and 12 of these minerals are found in no other body of water in the world.

Studies have shown the combination of the Dead Sea water and the rich black mud found along the shoreline to have significant health benefits including increasing circulation, easing discomfort from arthritis, healing allergies, and revitalizing skin.

A trip to the Dead Sea would not be complete without a visit to one of the first class health spa facilities of the luxury hotels. Here the visitor can enjoy year-round a massage, Dead Sea mud bath, use the excellent fitness facilities, or just spend the day relaxing on their beautiful private beaches.

The Dead Sea region is blessed with ozone and oxygen rich air, low pollution, year round bright skies with UV filtered sunlight, and perhaps most famously, its mineral rich water and sea mud. Indeed there are few places on earth that are as naturally therapeutic or so conducive to spa wellness journeys, and spa treatments at the Dead Sea capture unparalleled wealth in extraordinary journeys.

Here are the unprecedented treatments offered at the spas at the Dead Sea:

1. Dead Sea hammam ritual

This indulgent ritual cleanses, refreshes, polishes and replenishes the entire body using nutrient rich ingredients from the Dead Sea, and concludes with an application of silky moisturizer.


Spa treatment

2. Salt body scrub

A generous amount of pure Dead Sea salt soaked in hydrating oil creates the perfect exfoliant to remove dead cells, deep cleanse and refresh skin for regeneration. A final application of moisturizer will leave you feeling silky smooth from top to toe.


Spa treatment

3. Mud wrap

The unique minerals found in Dead Sea mud are revered for their ability to expel impurities and toxins from the body, whilst reviving, nourishing and toning skin.


Spa treatment

4. Salt bath

Soak in the uniquely therapeutic and beautifying powers of mineral salts from the Dead Sea, experiencing a sense of lightness and deep relaxation that you are not likely to have felt before.


Spa treatment

5. Detoxifying treatment

Skin is deep cleansed and polished with Dead Sea salt in preparation for a massage using detoxifying aromatherapy oil. Your entire body is then coated in warm Dead Sea mud, and while cocooned in a comforting foil wrap, you enjoy a heavenly scalp massage as the active ingredients work to purify, decongest and stimulate your entire system.


Spa treatment

6. Anti cellulite treatment

Dead Sea black mud helps to remove excess cellulite by stimulating the lymphatic system, and is combined with a specialist anti-cellulite aromatherapy oil blend of juniper, rosemary, cypress, geranium, lemon and grapefruit for optimum results.


Spa treatment

7. Firm and tone treatment

This treatment reduces visible signs of cellulite and stretch marks while increasing firmness and elasticity. After exfoliation to remove dull, dry skin, specially formulated oil is used to massage the body. Then relax in a soothing embrace of Dead Sea minerals that have been scientifically formulated to minimise imperfections and deliver vital nourishment.


Spa treatment

8. Rejuvenating facial

This facial uses a rich Dead Sea black mud mask which exerts a tightening effect on the skin. While a combination of herbs, geranium essential oil and pure honey work to nourish and purify, leaving your complexion feeling firmer, silkier and younger.


Spa treatment

9. Revitalising facial

This treatment stimulates reproduction of collagen fibres around the face and eyes by using natural Dead Sea minerals which help to re-contour and re-firm the skin for a smoother, more toned and youthfully radiant glow.


Spa treatment

10. Foot ritual

This delicate, nutritive treatment is infused with Dead Sea minerals to revive tired feet, restore circulation and relieve tension, leaving you completely energised. Enjoy a series of invigorating exfoliation, relaxing massage and deeply detoxifying mask.


Spa treatment

11. Hammamat Ma’in or Ma’in Hot Springs

Each year thousands of visitors enjoy the mineral-rich healing waters of the hyper-thermal waterfalls, situated at Hammamat Ma’in is Evason Resort. The Six Senses Spa at the resort offers services like mud wraps, hydro-jet baths and showers, underwater massages, mud facials, electrotherapy and cosmetology treatments. The natural hot springs offer the guests with the luxury of private hot spring water pool.


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Couple bathing in Main Hot Springs, Wadi Main, Madaba, Jordan, Middle-East, Orient



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