SP MLA From Muzaffarnagar Caught Dancing With Bar Girl, Proves UP Govt. Is Actually Better For Tabloid Business

9:47 am 6 Feb, 2014


Chitranjan Swaroop, an MLA of Samajwadi Party from Muzaffarnagar was spotted dancing with a bar girl at the wedding ceremony of a local SP leader. SP government was recently bashed for the filthy display of opulence at Saifai Mahotsav when riot victims of Muzaffarnagar were struggling to survive in relief camps.

The shamelessness of this MLA — who is clearly shown in the video showering money on rented dancer — displays that current UP government is seriously messed up. Oh, wait! Why messed up? Afterall he is following the footsteps of his party boss, the man who hurled several crores of rupees on Bollywood stars to see them shaking their booties.


Credit: George Hannan Ny