SP Leader’s Remark About Lynchings Causes Massive Uproar In Rajya Sabha

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8:55 pm 19 Jul, 2017


On Wednesday during a debate, SP leader Naresh Agarwal, made very controversial remarks about the lynching over cow protection that made BJP and other NDA members rush to the well of the house, shouting slogans, demanding an apology for Agarwal’s remarks.

Naresh Agarwal Indian Express


Arun Jaitly commented,

Agrawal would be liable for prosecution if he had made the remarks outside the House. He should apologise and withdraw the comment.


NDA members found Agarwal’s remarks offensive towards the religious sentiments of a particular community. Despite this, Samajwadi party ruled out an apology and said,

Agarwal has withdrawn the remark and no question of apologizing arises. He won’t apologize even if the session goes on like this.

The massive uproar created by both parties adjourned the session for 10 minutes during the Question Hour. The Chairman, Hamid Ansari, urged other members to raise the questions and calmed the situation down.

Uproar in the house One India


The argument began when SP members came into the well and started shouting slogans to show dissatisfaction over the government’s reply to the questions related to stopping of lynching in the name of cow protection.

The government replied that the states have all the powers to deal with such incidents and there is no need to change existing laws. There have been huge controversies regarding lynching in the name of cow protection across the country.

Earlier this week another SP leader from Maharashtra, Abu Azmi, made controversial remarks saying that if the lynchings in the name of cow protection don’t stop, then Muslim youth will be forced to pick up weapons.



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