South Korean President Praises ‘Nehru Jacket’ As ‘Modi Vest’! Twitterati Couldn’t Help But Comment Sarcastically

1:03 pm 2 Nov, 2018


Prime Minister Narendra Modi is known for carrying a certain style along with his charismatic personality. Before the bhakts and the non-bhakts starts fighting over this statement, let me clarify that the story is about something else. So, chill! During his visit to India, South Korean President Moon Jae-in was quite smitten by the jackets worn by our PM. Yes, the same Nehru jacket that Modi often dons on various occasions.

Modi took a step further and gifted the South Korean President a bunch of Nehru jackets tailored perfectly to his size. How do we know that? Well, this is what the President posted on his social media handle.



Now, you must be wondering what’s wrong in that. Also cursing the ‘jobless’ Twitterati who are making fun of it. Isn’t that so? Though I agree that often the twitter users lose their mind over absolutely trivial things, this time they may be right.



Along with praising Modi, the President also tweeted something else about the Nehru jacket. This is what he posted:



Yes, he called the Nehru jacket as ‘Modi vest’. Funny, isn’t it?



Naturally, Twitterati couldn’t let this opportunity pass. They came up with sassy and sarcastic comments. Read them here:








What are your thoughts on this Nehru jacket and Modi vest fiasco? Do you want to share something funny too? Our comments section is open for you!

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