Sourav Ganguly Took A Taxi To Attend A BCCI Meeting When His Car Broke Down

5:25 pm 2 Aug, 2017


It is a rare sight to see Sourav Ganguly stepping out of a yellow taxi. Though it happened recently, when Sourav’s car broke down and he had to take a cab to reach a BCCI meeting.

“The BMW broke down on Lee Road near Exide crossing. He hired a yellow taxi and rushed to the meeting,” mentioned Ganguly’s driver, as per a report. Sourav was spotted outside the premises of a five star luxury hotel, he was there to attend a meeting which was delayed by half an hour.

Sourav Ganguly took a cab to the hotel



The CAB president then chaired the technical committee meeting of the BCCI. Ganguly urged the BCCI to consider a proper pay rise for domestic cricketers playing for Ranji Trophy. It is believed that Ganguly spoke his heart out during the meeting and insisted on the pay hike issue.

It was learnt that Ganguly spoke extensively on the issue during the meeting. A BCCI technical committee member quoted,

Ganguly enquired as to what all issues were raised at Ranji Captain and Coaches’ Conclave in Mumbai. He was informed that all captains spoke about match fee hike in domestic tournament which has been an issue.

The official mentioned further,

When he was told that an average Ranji cricketer earns Rs 10 lakh for a season, he said that it is very less. Dada’s argument was not all domestic players have jobs. Therefore a lot of talented cricketers become insecure if they are injured or out of the team.

Ganguly advised the members to think about the pay hike. It was Indian off-spinner Harbhajan Singh who first wrote a letter to former coach Anil Kumble, describing the bad conditions of Ranji Trophy players.



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