Sourav Ganguly And His Daughter Sana’s First Ever Photo Shoot Together Defines Precious

1:42 pm 24 May, 2017


Social media has made it quite easy for us to stalk our favorite celebrities and their kids. Even the slightest activity by star kids attracts a lot of attention. Blame it on their parents’ celebrity status or our voyeuristic tendencies; we want to know it all. So, I request everyone’s attention to the cutest photo shoot of 2017 — Sourav Ganguly and his daughter Sana Ganguly. Yes, the Gangulys have sent a pack of adorable pictures our way to obsess over.

The father-daughter duo looked perfect in the shoot done for a premium jewelry brand. Sourav Ganguly has been endorsing this particular brand for quite some time now.  This time, it was Sana’s turn to make the things extra special along with her daddy.

Check out the adorable pictures here.




Mom, Dona Ganguly, expressed her excitement by documenting the whole shoot in her pictures.




Sana Ganguly is a trained Odissi dancer just like her mother. Much like an average teenager, she loves to take selfies and keep her peeps updated on Instagram.

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Sourav Ganguly has been a favorite among cricket fanatics for his fair and intense game. We have seen him destroying opposing teams with ease. But now, to see him share a frame with Sana is sugar inducing.



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