Priyanka Chopra’s Future Sister-in-law Trolled For Not Wearing Pants In India

4:48 pm 27 Nov, 2018


The countdown for Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’ royal wedding has begun. The couple will tie the knot in December. The groom-to-be reached Delhi, where Priyanka Chopra was shooting for her upcoming movie The Sky Is Pink. The couple left for Mumbai, where the wedding celebrations are already on.  And now, Nick’s brother Joe Jonas and his fiancée, Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner, have also reached Mumbai.

They both were clicked at the airport and what caught the eyes of everyone was the clothes Sophie Turner was wearing, or rather what she was not wearing. The Game of Thrones actress was wearing a shirt but no pants! And this led to her being trolled on Instagram.




Sophie reached the airport with Nick’s brother and naturally, the shutterbugs started capturing the pictures.  Though she looked completely stylish and the shoes were very attractive, but people wondered where her pants were.



Look at the video below of Sophie and Joe’s arrival. Fans were too excited to see the Hollywood stars and everyone started shouting and clicking their pictures.



Later, when Sophie’s picture went viral, people noticed her ‘no pants’ attire and started commenting on the photo. They trolled her for not wearing pants.



Comments were directly on the questions over the absent pants. One of the users commented that she forgot to wear any pants. Take a look:


Sophie in India

Users started arguing that this is not the way a foreigner should dress up in India. They were of the opinion that it is American culture and not of India.


Sophie Turner in Delhi


They called the outfit terrible and commented that it is disrespectful to wear something like this in India.


Sophie Turner outfit


One of the users even called the dress horrible! According to him, it was not elegant and classic (classy, apparently).




It is completely senseless to troll a visitor on what she is wearing. Trolling culture in India has gone to a new low. What are your views on the same?


All the comments are taken from Instagram.



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