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Sonu Nigam Gets Trolled For Twisting A Man’s Arm When All He Wanted Was A Pic With The Singer

Published on 22 January, 2019 at 5:33 pm By


Time and again we have heard celebrities crossing their line of dignity and coming up with actions that have left many stunned and surprised. Who would believe that people of such high repute and stature can stoop down and commit actions in public which are insulting? One such incident recently came up in media when a man tried to take a selfie Sonu Nigam who instead of obliging to the fan twisted his arm.

Sonu Nigam is a popular name in the industry when it comes to singing. He has also never remained behind in garnering controversy around him. His comments have become a matter of debates, however, that does not stop him from putting out his thoughts ahead of us. It looks like Sonu Nigam has now become immune to everything.


Earlier, he came forward and said that Azaan’s sound is disturbing and that Muslims should not use the loudspeaker.



Recently, he was at an art event when a man who wanted to take a selfie with him approached him. To show his love for Sonu Nigam, the man had put his hands on the singer’s shoulder. It all didn’t go well and Sonu Nigam instantly put the man’s hand down and twisted it.


This entire sequence got captured on camera and went viral the moment the video got uploaded on the internet. The man who was trying to take a selfie with Sonu Nigam was heard apologising.


Well, the video is now circulating on the social media forums garnering the attention of netizens and their comments. Sonu Nigam is known for his calm and composed nature, but this incident has raised many eyebrows.

This is how Sonu Nigam twisted a man’s arm!


Look at what the people had to say:

Sonu Nigam’s reaction was rude


Why so much arrogance?


What is wrong with him?


People feel that celebrities sometimes forget that it is the commoners who make them what they are



How do you feel about Sonu Nigam’s action? Let us know by dropping your comments below.


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