Why Was Sonu Nigam Singing On The Streets While Playing A Harmonium?

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7:44 pm 17 May, 2016


If you’re in Mumbai, you might have spotted an old man in ragged clothes carrying an antique harmonium and singing ‘Kal Ho Naa Ho’.

If not, have a look:




While a lot of actors have disguised themselves to get into the skin of a character, it’s for the first time we saw a singer donning an unrecognizable look to mix in the crowd.

As a part of a web video for Culture Machine’s digital platform ‘Being Indian’, the social experiment was meant to gain real-time reactions from commoners.

Describing the experience as humbling, Sonu got a unique opportunity to witness the impact of soul music on the aam junta’s monotonous, drab life.

Some paused to acknowledge the old man’s music, while some nonchalantly walked away, catching up with their daily lives.

“I managed to procure something- gratitude, Grace and appreciation for what we have.”

sonu nigam


The experiment also got to show the kindred spirit of people who halted and ask the old man if he had eaten breakfast. Sonu has framed the Rs 12 he received from a man he wishes to meet now.

Nevertheless, it also gave Sonu, who was carrying his parents’ old harmonium, a chance to see how music is received by people when a non-established face croons famous lyrics.

“I went without any expectations, totally bereft of any awkwardness for the way I was looking and what I was about to subject myself to. For the first time, I was not me, the make-up was so good and authentic,people standing so close to me, couldn’t recognize me.”

Watch the experiment unfolding here on ‘The Roadside Utsaad’:


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