Sonu Nigam’s Epic Reply To Claims That He ‘Asked’ KRK To Tweet In His Support Will Kill This Rumor For Good

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Updated on 5 Sep, 2017 at 2:47 pm

Controversy king Kamaal Rashid Khan aka KRK  is once again in the news but this time it’s not for his tweets.

KRK, who otherwise is known for making controversial statements on social media, was reported to have had a chat with that singer Sonu Nigam in which the latter asked him to speak in his support.


The media house claimed that Bollywood producer Mehmood Ali has had screenshots of Sonu’s chat with KRK in which the former had asked the controversial star to tweet in his favor.

While the news started to spread like wildfire, Sonu once again took to Twitter and sent out a tweet that not only refuted these claims but did so in a manner that no one can cross-question it.


Further, he sent out another tweet, asking people to move on from the “Azaan controversy” and put it in the past.


Meanwhile, KRK too tried to take advantage of being in the limelight and sent out a series of tweets not only slamming the publication, but also confirming Sonu’s claim that they don’t know each other.


Well we don’t know who’s claim is true, but I agree with Mr. Nigam, it’s high time we move on from all this…