This Comment By Sonu Nigam On Azaan And ‘Forced Religiousness’ Has Set Twitter On Fire

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1:15 pm 17 Apr, 2017

Sonu Nigam is one of the finest singers of our generation. His songs, which ruled the charts from late ’90s to the mid of the noughties, continue to entertain music lovers even now.



And Nigam’s fan following transcends religious, social and any other barrier in India.

It is, therefore, strange that the acclaimed singer will post something like this on Twitter on Monday morning:


Of course, a section of the Twitterati was shocked and expressed their anger with Sonu:


But there was also a section which endorsed Sonu’s view:


But Sonu was not commenting on the azaan alone. Unlike a section of the liberals and seculars in this country and elsewhere, he was not being selective in his criticism.

He pointed out that he doesn’t support use of loudspeakers by temples and gurudwaras to “wake people up”.


Anyway, his series of tweets has Twitter on fire. And while the arguments and counter-arguments continue, one is reminded of this doha by Kabir:

कांकड़-पाथर जोड़ के, मस्जिद लिया बनाए। ता चढ़ी मुल्ला बांग दे, क्या बहरा हुआ खुदाय।।

(Kankar pathar jode ke, masjid layi banaye. Ta chadi mulla bang de, kya bahira hua Khuday.)

Brick by brick they constructed a Mosque. On top of it climbed the Mullah and crowed. Is God deaf?


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