Sonia Gandhi Was Miserably Trolled After The Word ‘Balaatkar’ Was Misheard In Her Speech

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1:03 pm 20 Mar, 2018


With just one year to go for 2019 elections, the biggest political enemies, BJP and Congress, are once again getting ready for a face-off.

Recently, Sonia Gandhi shamed BJP and called it “power-drunk” during her speech at the 84th Congress plenary session. She also emphasized that their governance uses “all tricks in the trade” to grab people’s votes. But her brave speech became a joke on Twitter after she accidentally spoke the word “Balatkaar‘ while referring to the political era of Indira Gandhi.


The former Congress president was being misheard saying “balatkar” during her sentence “Indira ji ki shaandaar jeet ne desh ki raajneeti ko palat kar rakh diya” .


Watch her video here:


Well, the netizens don’t forgive such goof-ups and this ‘3-idiots’ moment became the just another reason to ridicule the Congress government.



Lost in translation.


I told you, it was a brave speech.


That is Indian media.


The inside story.


We are in this together.



They never change.