Sonam Kapoor Defends BFF Swara Bhaskar, Says Nothing To Do With Pakistan Comment

11:44 am 7 Jun, 2018


Sonam Kapoor’s BFF Swara Bhaskar has been in the news lately for all the wrong reasons. Right after her latest movie ‘Veerey Di Wedding‘ got released, Swara has been trolled and bashed on social media for not only her provocative scenes but also for her insensitive comments.

It may be wise to recall that Swara Bhaskar is Sonam Kapoor’s real ‘veeera’ aka best friend. She even attended all her grand wedding celebrations which took place last month and updated all the pictures for her fans.



She looked gorgeous in all of Sonam Kapoor’s wedding events and posed happily with the newly married couple.



Few days back Bhaskar started online debate when she called Pakistan “a failed state” and one “run by Sharia law”, after her movie got banned for its objectionable language in the Islamic state.



Swara Bhaskar’s comment angered Pakistani actress Urwa Hocane who posted this ‘reminder’ that Swara contradicted her statement when she liked Pakistan in this 2015 interview:



One scene from the movie that caught everyone’s attention was Bhaskar’s masturbation scene in which she used a ‘vibrator’ to please herself while her husband looks on.



This scene created huge controversy with some calling it as ‘path breaking’ for Indian cinema. However, Swara got majorly trolled for it. Have a look at some of the reactions:






After Swara was criticised on social media for this bold scene, Sonam Kapoor defended her best friend when she spoke at a media interaction in Delhi for her film’s screening. She said:

“I think people just like to troll her because she has an opinion and a point of view and I guess that shows how much they love her because the other side of hate is always love. So Swara, you have a lot of lovers.”


Sonam clarified that she didn’t defend Swara’s comments on Pakistan but for her masturbation scene instead. The “Neerja” actress took to social media and posted:



Before Sonam Kapoor‘s defence, Swara had this message for “paid trolls” after a post criticising her ‘masturbation scene’ kept repeating on Twitter accounts. She tweeted:






The movie ‘Veere Di Wedding’ has garnered almost Rs 50 crores at the box office since its release. What did you think of Swara’s bold scene? Tell us in the comments.

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