Sonam Kapoor Gets Trolling Of A Lifetime After She Called A Twitter User, Harasser!

12:59 pm 6 Oct, 2018


Celebrities often get trolled on social media these days. For them, it is not a new thing to face criticism, slamming, even death threats. If we talk about actresses, they often get trolled for their looks, dresses, body type other than their acting skills. Actresses have to face harsh comments not only on their Instagram pictures but on tweets as well. Though, most of the times, the haters are seen to be having no opinion of their own, this time it didn’t happen like that. Recently, Sonam Kapoor got slammed and trolled by netizens for all the right reasons.

Sonam Kapoor, with all her intelligence, shared her point of view on how city’s traffic and pollution affected her journey and made her to reach her destination two hours late.




This is the Instagram story by Sonam Kapoor that started all the fuss:



After Sonam Kapoor talked about the pollution, a Twitter user (anantvasu) tried to teach a good lesson to Sonam by tweeting something really interesting. Before you go onto some conclusion, let us tell you that the Twitter user did some good research before writing the tweet. Check his tweet below:


As soon as this tweet went online, in no time it got noticed by Sonam Kapoor and she tried her best to put down the guy’s tweet. This is what Sonam tweeted in reply:


The guy replied again and even threatened to take Sonam to court.


And then, a good number of tweets started pouring in. Netizens supported the guy for all the right reasons and dropped their savage tweets slamming Sonam Kapoor.



Some believe celebrities can’t say anything they want to!



A few talked about logic!



Others took digs at AIB!



The victim card, they believed in!



Some even asked for an elaboration!



More tweets!



And this one!



Well, this chain of tweets are clearly indicative of the fact that women should not play their victim cards all the time and be a little sensible about using heavy words such as harassment. What do you think about Sonam’s tweet?

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