Sonam Kapoor Tagged Priyanka Chopra To Play This Interesting Game That She Started On Instagram

4:38 pm 2 Sep, 2018


The dazzling fashion diva and actress, Sonam Kapoor is busy juggling married life with her shooting schedule. But she has still managed to find out time to promote literature and good writers in India. The actress has collaborated with the Jio MAMI to promote the Word to Screen market. Word to screen market refers to the conversion of literary works into motion pictures. The Mumbai Academy of Moving Image (MAMI) is an entity that took the initiative to promote this market. The Jio MAMI conducts film festival in Mumbai for all literary and movie buffs.

This year also, the MAMI is organizing the 20th Film Festival. And actress Sonam Kapoor has already started promoting the event.


Sonam Kapoor Jio MAMI

Actress Sonam Kapoor Ahuja. Source


In fact, in a bid to bring awareness about the Jio MAMI Festival, Sonam has started an interesting game. The actress took to her social media account to announce her favorite word to screen projects. She further nominated other Bollywood celebs to do the same.

Here is the post where Sonam Kapoor nominates Priyanka Chopra to name her favorite word to screen project:



The actress also nominated brother and actor Arjun Kapoor:



And also her director-producer sister Rhea Kapoor:




Rhea Kapoor soon responded with her own pick of the literary work made into a movie. And she further nominated actress Katrina Kaif to do the same.



Arjun Kapoor also responded:



He continued the chain by nominating sister Anshula Kapoor in the post. Anshula then nominated the sister and Bollywood debutant Janhvi Kapoor.



Well, it seems like the Kapoor brothers and sisters have carried on with Sonam Kapoor’s game in full gusto. But we are still awaiting a response from Katrina Kaif and PeeCee. Where are you guys??



Well, this sure does look like an interesting game to play. Would you too like to let us know what is your favorite word to screen work?