Sonam Kapoor Tweeted That She Is Going Off Twitter For A While, Got Slammed For Running Away

1:19 pm 8 Oct, 2018


From eminent personalities to popular celebs, everyone seems to be engaged someway or another in the digital space. Being a powerful medium, it can have both positive and negative impacts on people. And it seems that Bollywood diva Sonam Kapoor is currently seeing the latter than former. Why, you ask? Well, it seems that Sonam Kapoor has said bye-bye to her Twitter handle for a while. Yes, you heard that right, Sonam Kapoor is not using Twitter for a while! Well, it may seem a bit sudden to you, but the diva had her own reasons to do the same. Recently the diva made a lot of headlines when she was trolled for labelling a Twitter user as “harasser”.

And now, it seems that Sonam didn’t like the way people reacted to her response when she replied to a tweet made by a user. It appears that she wasn’t expecting such response from the netizens, and maybe that’s why she is taking some time off from Twitter.




The Veere Di Wedding star took to her official Twitter handle and shared the news with her fans.

Take a look at Sonam’s tweet:



You read that just right. It seems that the Sonam is not using Twitter for a while because it has become a bit negative for her. Don’t be disheartened, she hasn’t deactivated her account. It appears that Sonam Kapoor is just not using Twitter for some time.



Now see how the netizens reacted to Sonam’s decision:








We all have seen how social media platforms have emerged as one of the most prevalent methods of communication, with the passage of time. I think that it is absolutely alright if Sonam is feeling that she needs some time off from Twitter. Here’s hoping that she will be back again soon!

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