This Is How Anand Ahuja Bullied Sonam Kapoor Into Not Fasting On Karwa Chauth

4:30 pm 28 Oct, 2018


‘Sonam-Anand’ is one couple Bollywood fans look forward to. Since the day they got married, they are setting some new relationship goals for the world. Remember how Sonam used to caption their pictures ‘everyday phenomenal’, and not just that, she means what she says. The world knows that Sonam is a modern day woman and a fashionista and never stays behind when it comes to expressing her take on feminism and being a feminist. On the occasion of Karwa Chauth, we were simply not expecting Sonam to keep a fast (considering her modernist approach), but then something amazing happened.

Sonam and Anand Ahuja celebrated their first Karwa Chauth together. However, Sonam didn’t really observe a fast for him. It is a ritual in the Indian culture that married women observe a fast for the whole day (skipping food and water) and pray for the long life of their husbands. Sonam didn’t do anything like that.




Sonam Kapoor and Anand had a hilarious exchange of words on the social media.



In an Instagram post, Sonam Kapoor revealed how her husband Anand Ahuja forced her to not observe the fast. Check out Sonam’s Instagram post below:



To which, Anand Ahuja replied hilariously and said:

“I didn’t bully you! I just said that I’m fasting if you’re fasting, and if we don’t fast we can just walk around and workout and enjoy the day together! Does that sound like bullying? That sounds like intelligence to me.”



Sonam further commented:

“What about ‘Baby let’s intermittent fast everyday together that’s proven to increase lifespan’,” later adding a home truth, “also you’re unbearably cranky when hungry.”



Now that’s something called a modern day relationship!

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