Sona Mohapatra Slams IIT-Bombay For Being Sexist; Says They Asked Her To Get A Man

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Updated on 2 Sep, 2017 at 4:02 pm

Singer Sona Mohapatra has alleged that Indian Institute Technology, Bombay have discriminated against her on basis of gender in their annual festival Mood-Indigo .

In a Facebook post, she said that they asked her to get a ‘man’ along with her to perform on their stage.

She wrote,”For three years in a row I’ve been getting calls from your Mood-I committee members for a concert in your festival but the invite always comes with a caveat. A BIG caveat. A non negotiable caveat. A ‘MAN’ needs to be clubbed in on the marquee to validate my stage, a paid stage in particular.”

The post has gone viral since then. However, IIT-Bombay has denied the allegations and said that her fees was beyond their budget.

“IIT-Bombay is the last place where you would encounter sexism. In fact, last month we had an event at our management institute where Tulsi Kumar gave a solo performance. Earlier this year, Asha Bhosle, too, had performed inside IIT,” the spokesperson said.