Singer Sona Mohapatra Hits Back At Trolls By Threatening To Go ‘Full Naked,’ And You Might Support Her

5:35 pm 25 Jun, 2018


Sona Mohapatra stepped into the industry of music not with some hit song but with advertisement jingles. One of her most famous one is Close up’s ‘Paas Aao Na’ jingle which has been recorded in several languages and aired across 13 countries for 4 years. However, her face became a household name with the song ‘Ambarsariya’ from the movie ‘Fukrey.’

Besides her superb singing and soulful voice, she is also known for being a strong woman who doesn’t shy away from giving voice to her thoughts. Due to her confident and bold nature, she often lands right in the middle of controversies. However, before knowing that here the snippet of her life through her social media posts:



Dear Odisha/Odia media, 1) That I am adorning a Kotpad weave in the Nila Saila Video has been missed by you. This Handloom & weave is a dying lot with no patrons from you. Most of you prefer to wear factory made, poly blends. Other ‘modern’ material. 2)That I have decorated my forehead with the chandan handwork in the performance that pays an ode to tradition is also of no worth to you. 3) That I wear a hand crafted, traditional Odishi dancers belt of silver & filigree earrings that is also a dying art & handicraft from Odisha because most of you prefer ‘modern’ generic jewelry is also ignored. 4) How many times is an Odiya song even heard in a music festival national or world stage btw ? Forget about the local Odisha admin which prefers to call Jonita Gandhi, Armaan Malik, Sonu & Sukhwinder to their 150 years Jajpur celebrations & Shankar to other big events like the Athletics meet opening, the rich Odia community abroad never hosts Odia artists & pays them for their craft & art like their Bengali counterparts do. So stop competing with the neighbouring state. The past is the past. That they are better patrons of art & culture & literature is a bitter pill you must swallow. Coming back to this, you would rather go ballistic on a live show, real time rendition of a performance of mine from 2017 but ignore the huge success of this new Raja release of mine, from last week pinned on top of my fb page? Only anger, negativity & bluster cooks your goose? Sad showcase of the times you live in. Also, all of Odisha would have overflowed with pride if one of theirs won some TV reality show parroting other people’s Bollywood covers.No time or inclination to celebrate a self created, produced, original piece of work like Anhad Naad? This song of mine released during the festival of Raja & celebrating Mother Earth crossed over 5 million views at the same time & in record time. No parties for that in the state. People are burning my posters & filing FIR’s in Odisha for singing a Bhajan in a wrong accent & mis-pronouncing some words instead. Dear jobless such people with too much time in your hands, focus on more important issues. There are many. #LalPariMastani🔴

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I shared a lot about the European “Venus figurines” of the Paleolithic era & the earliest known representations of the human female form ranging in age from 23,000 to 25,000 years after the release of Tori Surat on #LalPariMastani🔴. These are said to be fertility symbols with higher waist to hip ratios than what is found ‘attractive’ nowadays & more importantly likely to have been created by the first women artists of the world! I’d seen these in books & libraries in the past but seeing them created into gorgeous jewelry for the first time when #jewelry designer from #kolkata , #India , @einaahluwalia showcased her collection in a deeply moving installation piece at the #fashionweek in #Mumbai some years ago blew me away! I wear these pieces of Eina with pride, close to their place of origin with another favourite #creator friend of mine, this anti-fit dress by designer @kalloldatta from his #Berlin Fashion Week showcase. #Flipbook #Fashion #Style #History #Travel #Art #Story #photography #iphonex #shotoniphonex

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Often seen working with various forms of regional music, her recent work is a rendition of a very popular Odia Bhajan dedicated to Lord Jagannath. Here’s a version of her performance:



It drew strong criticism from social media users. They accused her of distorting the original version and mispronouncing several words. They further added that she has killed the ‘soul’ of the song. Here are some of the comments:





Irked with the continuous ruthless comments, she pointed out the fact that she has respect for her culture. That’s the reason she wore a traditional Odisha belt during the performance. Here’s what she tweeted:



Refusing to back down, the trolls continued their saga of slamming. Utterly frustrated, she finally hit back with a tweet calling the trolls ‘illiterates.’ Sona Mohapatra also added that if they don’t stop with their ‘moronic vomit,’ then she will certainly go full naked like Goddess Chandi and show them her wrath.



Well, failing to take the hint from the post by Sona Mohapatra Twitterati went on slamming her. Take a look:





There is no point in denying that celebrity trolling has almost become the new fashion. Netizens are trying to shame the celebs for anything and everything. Hence, it’s about time that someone showed them their place. Won’t you agree?

Also, we are waiting for Sona Mohapatra to unleash her furious side. Aren’t you?